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We'll help you build your entrepreneurial skills so that you can become the leader you've always known yourself to be.

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Evolve into a Merchant Leader

In a rapidly evolving world, traditional leadership is falling short. That's why we're spearheading a movement that bridges the gap between business success and true fulfillment. Inspiring a new kind of leader - Merchant Leaders - who use business as a tool to serve greater purpose. Merchant Leaders are on a journey of personal and professional self-realization, combining business and philanthropy to pro-actively shape the future.

An Online Mentorship Program for Sales Agents and Business Owners seeking a Better Way of Operating

We'll help you develop the skills and mindset to increase your business performance without working longer hours or increasing your stress levels.

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Inspiring Soul-Led Leadership:

Our Community Utilizes Business Success to Serve a Higher Purpose

Giving Business Soul believes that true leadership extends beyond financial success. It encompasses a deep commitment creating positive change in the world through philanthropic endeavors.

We are proud to have already inspired numerous business leaders and Inc 500 companies to follow suit and do their part. Through our example, courageous entrepreneurs have embraced a soul-centered approach, integrating philanthropy into their business models to make a meaningful impact.

By combining business success with a sense of purpose, our community shows that it's possible for entrepreneurs to find lasting fulfillment.

Honorable Organizations Bridging Profitability and Philanthropy

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Accelerate your evolution with group coaching hosted by Francisco Jara and Jose Rodriguez

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Activate your team and audience with a fresh discussion regarding the evolution of business.

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Pioneering a New Vision for Business

Our work has roots. Changing lives, transforming organizations, learn more about Giving Business Soul

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