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The Violet Blueprint

The next stage in human organization with the potential promise for a new humanity.

What is a Violet Organization?

Representing Giving Business Soul's flagship endeavor for the world, the Violet blueprint is a philosophy and framework that involves the integration of a Philanthropic Endeavor into a For-Profit Organization's culture.

 At its core, Violet Organizations are company cultures, that actively engage in philanthropic efforts. These organizations root their primary purpose in a Love for Humanity (Philos•anthropos) and utilize the generating power of their business, to financially fuel a worthy cause.

Characteristics of a Violet
  • Rich Workplace & Company Cultures
  • Implicit Leadership & Decentralized Decision Making
  • Integrated Philanthropic Purpose
  • Fractal Growth, abiding by the laws of nature
  • Unique & Individuated in the Marketplace

The color Violet is derived from Integral Theory, which for ease and simplicity organizes developmental stages of consciousness into a corresponding color matrix. Fredric Laloux groundbreaking book reinventing organizations, is a worthy exploration for anyone seeking to learn more.

A Recipe for Productivity

Because philanthropy involves being of Service to others, it has the unique quality of moving people into a Selfless State—an enriching experience that can shift a person's perspective in life. 

When organizations provide office staff, sales reps, executive personnel, business relationships, with an outlet for Service, it unlocks the door for inspiration. And because Violet Organizations directly tie their success to a philanthropic cause, it has the unique quality of calling out the best in their teams.

Alive and Thriving


Ideas are cheap. We understand that if this Business Model is to be taken seriously, it would have to be proven that it can work. And not only work, but outperform the existing model.

The Mortgage Phoenix Group is an 18 person organization in Rancho Cucamonga, founded by Francisco Jara. Being the first organization to adopt this Violet blueprint, The Mortgage Phoenix Group introduces an unparalleled home buying experience, a rich company culture, and heart-centered approach to the mortgage lending industry.

Partnered with the non-profit Prosperity Homes, The Mortgage Phoenix Group dedicates a 3% tithe of their gross monthly income to go towards uplifting women and children in Ensenada, MX. through the means of providing impoverished families with a home, significantly increasing their quality of living.

"Humans are social creatures, and when we see something that works, we implement!"


Following in the footsteps of the Mortgage Phoenix Group, an entire ecosystem of organizations has gathered together. Bound by cause, Legacy Realty Group, Equity Trust Escrow, House of Loans have committed their efforts to making Philanthropy a mainstay for their organizations.

A Promise for a New Humanity

Giving Business Soul believes that the Violet blueprint, amongst other attributes, holds a special code for our humanity. It represents the gathering of human ingenuity, in service to others. You can foresee the coming together of a Global Commerce, that is bound together by some sort of higher ideal. Philanthropy bridges the gap between rich and poor, by addressing systemic issues.

And with an awakening consumer market, whose concerns of how products are sourced, or how the organization manages its ecological footprint, the emergence of Violet Organization seems to be right on trend with the future of business.

Most important of all, the spirit of Philanthropy pacifies the spirit. It brings meaning to the life of an entrepreneur, and all who they lead. Eventually, businesses rooted solely in self-interest will decay, as the productivity of the new model supersedes the old.

There is much that can be said, but alas it would only be speculation as we are only at the beginning stages of this collective vision.