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We mentor self-mastery and spiritual psychology in entrepreneurs and sales professionals to help them overcome internal blocks and achieve their greater potential.

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Business is a Journey to Know Thyself

As business owners, we're often our own worst enemies. We let self-doubt, busyness, distraction, fear of change, and comparison keep us from tapping our full potential. You can feel it in your gut when you're facing a tough decision, or when the stakes are high and the pressure is on, this inner foe undermines your every move. Unchecked, this feedback becomes clear when it comes time to perform in business. By learning to understand ourselves better, to identify our blind spots we can realign our business goals with our deepest values and passions, and chart a course towards greater success and fulfillment.

It's time to stop walking in circles...

Whether it be health, relationships, business, or finance; What's holding you back from achieving your heights is called an arrested state of development... Beliefs, misinterpretations, emotional wounds, or traumas that skew your perspective and keep you walking in circles.

Embrace an Evolution in Consciousness

When you address and heal your arrested developments, you literally unlock more conscious energy. You learn to work from the inside out, which increases your presence and capabilities in daily life. Providing you with the energy and awareness necessary to lead at your highest capacity. and most of all, the energy to sustain a healthy life and thriving business.

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Experience the Power of Embodied Teachings

Our Roundtable Curriculum is more than just a collection of mental knowledge – it's a journey of embodied teachings and wisdom that will last a lifetime. With over 10 years of experience and insights to share, our program is designed to catalyze an evolution in your consciousness and help you become a more powerful and purpose-driven entrepreneur. Don't wait to start your journey – let our experienced hosts, Francisco Jara and Anabel Vizcarra, guide you towards growth and success. By learning from their mistakes in both the business arena and along the spiritual path, you can accelerate your evolution and reach your full potential.

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If you’ve always wanted to...


Accomplish something great in life, wanted to express it through business, and are seeking guidance on its ultimate attainment,


Approach business and achievement from a definite state of fulfillment and purpose. With no area of life left behind or compromised.


Connect with fellow entrepreneurs in an online community of like-minded people, also on a journey to transform how they lead in the world.


Learn from mentors who can guide you on a journey of self-knowledge, expansion, and awakening. With accountability every step of the way.

...then this course experience is for you!

Here's what you get when you join the Roundtable Mastermind

  • 1:1 Mentorship with Francisco Jara: Personalized mentorship and guidance to help you overcome internal blocks quickly and achieve greater ease in your work. We'll work with you to identify your unique challenges and provide the support and resources you need to overcome them.
  • Access to the Roundtable Online Course: A carefully crafted course to help you release old, survival-based paradigms of business and replace them with a new approach that resonates with your soul. You'll gain practical strategies for reducing stress, increasing clarity, and cultivating a stronger relationship with your emotions and physical body.
  • Writing and Reading Assignments: Our powerful curated assignments are designed to accelerate your transformation and ensure smooth integration of new insights into your daily work life. You'll gain greater awareness of your strengths and limitations and learn how to leverage them for greater success.
  • Mastermind Community: Connect with a vibrant network of like-minded sales agents and business professionals all earning great money while living a life of vision, impact, and growth.
  • Bonus: Merchant Embodiment Blueprint: An expertly designed health protool on the cutting edge of modern health to help you simplify and optimize your body for daily sustainable high performance.
  • Bonus: 1:1 Shadow Work Session with Jose Rodriguez: Gain invaluable insights into your unique strengths and shadow nature through a transformative tool and technique known as shadow work. This powerful tool provides a clear pathway towards heightened self-awareness and personal growth, putting the power of transformation in your hands
  • And More Community Benefits: Weekly Q&A's Quarterly LIVE Webinars, Networking Events, Regular In-Person Experiences that solidify the transformation

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Wake up to your inner-potential and become a member of the Roundtable Mastermind

1:1 Mentorship + Self-Study Course + Community Membership

  • 1:1 Mentorship with Francisco Jara
  • Access to the Roundtable MasterClass Self-Study Course ($1500 value)
  • 12 month membership to the Roundtable Fellowship Community
  • 1:1 Gene Keys Orientation with Jose Rodriguez
  • Interactive learning and guidance with quarterly LIVE sessions and weekly Q&A sessions,
  • Personalized worksheets, reading assignments, and reflections to support your transformation
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Don't just take our word for it, listen to what members have to say!

“ I have learned quite a lot about my own emotions through this course, what it means to have emotional intelligence, and noticing patterns that have jeopardized previous relationships, businesses, and have created hard pain in my past. Knowing and healing some of my past traumas will definitely assist me in learning to live a more peaceful, gracious life; as well as will continue to assist me in attracting right people in my life; clients, friends, relationships, etc... This course has taught me how to take care for myself, emotionally, mentally, spirituality, physically, but also has reassured me that we need to be in constant growth, and learning to heal, preparing our self first and allowing the rest to follow."

Veronica Uriarte
Real Estate Broker

"I have always felt in my heart that I was different it was very challenging for me to be in the business world, knowing how I had to treat people and customers. Something was missing and I could not figure out what that was until I found the roundtable, not only was I able to see something that is needed so deeply in business, but I was able to really see my true potential as a business owner. And as an entrepreneur I could be a true merchant, leading from the heart, while still upholding integrity when dealing with other businesses still running on the old paradigm."

Martin Ruiz
Business Owner / Real Estate

"The lessons that I’ve taken away from this experience have been profound to say the least. I have come out the otherside with a fresh understanding that has helped me recalibrate my North Star. Prior to this I wasn't one to believe in "Spirituality", but after this program, I have grasped real lessons that have invoked an internal development that is beyond words and will with out of doubt blossom in my heart for many years. Thank you to the whole GBS team for putting this together!"

Jacob Barrera
Entrepreneur / Marketing & Advertising

Additional principles explored in this program

Emotional Intelligence

Discipline, a Daily Devotion

The Law of Least Effort

Sacred Leadership

Additional Themes

  • Consciousness and addressings Arrested states of Development
  • Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness
  • Discipline and achieving Sustainable Transformation
  • The Law of Least Effort and Working with Universal Forces
  • Hero's Journey, Sacred Leadership and the Ring of Trials along the path
  • Relationships with Money and the activation of Providence
  • Collective Transformation, Opportunities of Third Industrial Revolution, Decentralized Future
  • Timeless, Hidden, and Esoteric Knowledge.