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1:1 Mentorship with Francisco Jara

Physical, Spiritual, and Professional Development

A complete and full upgrade to your human biology...

Physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. This coaching program is designed to orient you in the achievement of real and quantifiable breakthroughs in your life. By approaching these breakthroughs from the inside-out, we will be helping you to establish healthy and sustainable habits, that will fundamentally change the way you express yourself in the world.

Together we will be working on addressing central aspects of your being that are self-sabotaging your growth and leadership potential. You will be assigned monthly readings, be provided a sustainable meal plan, implement adjustments to your morning / night routine, along with bi-weekly, personalized guidance from me, that will assist you in enhancing your personal & professional endeavors.

After this program, you will physically feel different, your nervous system will be calmed, emotional acrity leveled, and your mind's eye more lucid than before. There will be a new found inspiration in your life, that will undoubtedly inform your purpose in the world. People will notice and acknowledge these changes. And most of all, they will be sustainable because the changes will have been implemented on a whole new foundation.

Reading Assignments

To help implement and solidify the knowledge and wisdom I will be imparting.

Diet and Nutrition Protocol

A simple but effective orientation regarding your nutrition intake.

In-Person Embodiment Days

Training and facilitation from me at my home once a month to support your transformation.

How it works


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Tell me about who you are, what is calling you to this mentorship, and what you hope to accomplish.


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Start your work with Francisco Jara

Together we will work on establishing the self-awareness, disciplines, and emotional intelligence to unlock your next level.

Offer details


▶ What's included?

  • 1:1 Mentorship via zoom twice per month (90min sessions). 
    • Exploring: deep emotional work, business development, and physical health/high performance optimization. 
  • Personalized Diet and Nutrition Protocol
  • Assigned reading (1 book per month) - reading material that will support your integrating of what we discuss.
  • Sunrise/sunset routine instruction w/ daily accountability.
  • BONUS: Access the Roundtable MasterClass - Self Study Course (over 15hrs of video content)
  • BONUS: 3hr in-person embodiment day at Francisco's home in Claremont, CA. (Includes: Breathwork facilitation, Ice-bath, red-light, grounding, movement session, and lunch)

▶ Exchange: $6,000 per month for 4 months

▶ Who is this for?

This mentorship offer is for leaders / entrepreneurs who are ready to achieve a major breakthrough in their lives. This mentorship is designed to develop your inner-reality, as much as the outer. So you must be prepared to meet your edge, both physically and emotionally.

Mentee's are looking for growth in one or more of the following areas;

  • Emotional awareness, development, and maturity,
  • Improved relating with self and/or others, 
  • Improved clarity and discernment about life-path,
  • Advanced guidance on the cultivation of spiritual connection and self-love.
  • Increased physical energy and self-discipline,
  • Increased awareness and lucidity regarding the soul path,
  • Advancement in their business endeavours / impact as entrepreneur