About Giving Business Soul

Pioneering a Global Movement for Business in Service to Humanity 

The vision for Giving Business Soul was first conceived in 2009 by CEO and Founder Francisco Jara. It consisted of For-Profit Organizations, being developed to serve a Philanthropic Purpose. Borrowing from Integral Theory, we have labeled this as a Violet Organization, a concept which recognized the productivity potential of businesses that merged ambition with a truly fulfilling philanthropic endeavor.

Being a seasoned Entrepreneur, Francisco understood that this model and ideology needed to first be validated and proven, before it could be taken seriously by the business community at large. So in 2012, Francisco founded The Mortgage Phoenix Group, a home lending company based out of Southern California, to put this concept to the test.

And in 2019, after significant effort had been undertaken, Giving Business Soul's ideal had been confirmed into a living breathing business model. As such, the time arrived for this work to begin emerging seriously in the world, bringing with it all the trials and applied knowledge of this unique entrepreneurial path.

In recognition of the necessary conditions needed for Violet Organizations, Giving Business Soul has set its sights on Entrepreneurial Development. Guiding world-class leaders towards the restoration of their internal reality, in such a way that is practical and applicable to their journey as business leaders.

Entrepreneurs are caught chasing the illusion of success—Outer-achievement that continues to leave the inner-being void of true meaning. It is a great tragedy that business leaders have been led astray in this way. The inherent powers afforded by business are an incredible force for good. They need only be oriented in service to humanity.

The day will arrive when entrepreneurs wake up to this inherent power, and we intend on being there, to provide guidance and validity to the path of soul-centered entrepreneurship. That we can be both heart-led and profitable in our business endeavors. In this way, Entrepreneurs will be a catalyst for social and economic change in the world.

Utilizing their business prowess to bring balance and innovation to a weakened strata of society.


The Vision

Successful and profitable Violet Organizations across the globe, conducting commerce, to fuel philanthropic endeavors for love, restoration, and the betterment of all. 

The Mission 

Become a leading authority for the emergence of Violet Organizations, beginning with the personal and professional transformation of executive personnel.

Violet Organizations

Representing the next level in human organization. A fully integrated Violet is an organization that grounds its highest purpose and ambitions in service to humanity...

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